Welcome to the first installment of Underground Music Legends, where we celebrate some of the undergrounds most unsung heroes! In this first edition we will showcase a veteran Bay area artist that goes by the name of “Johnny Slim”. Johnny Slim (also known as J.J. Hard) is a veteran Bay area/Oakland California rapper, music producer, hip-hop and R&B Artist. Johnny Slims music career started in 1986 in West Oakland California on Myrtle Street, where he made Mixtapes with fellow local artists who would also become future rap legends, such as; M.C Quick (aka Naru), Funk-Mixmaster David K-Oss, Turn Table T, Emcee Earl (aka Edreese), G-Double E (aka Floss Mode), Chili-Bo, Mac Mill, VellQuan, Jullie D and Krushadelic (aka M.C. Krush).

In 1987 he hooked up with Oakland’s legendary rapper  “Too $hort” and performed at the Turf Club. The following year (1988) Slim recorded his first Rap record titled “I Shake The Groove”. The recording was also featured on “The Dangerous Crew” album, which was the first Bay Area hip-hop/rap compilation release. The Dangerous Crew album featured the now legendary rappers “Spice 1” and “Rappin’ 4-Tay, as well as DJ Crazy Rack and Danger Zone.

Johnny Slim has performed with many well-known established underground Artists such as; Spice 1, Naru, Mac Mill, Marvelous, Cyde Wayz, Chili-Bo, Krushadelic, Edreese, Floss Mode, Too $hort and more! In the late 1990’s Johnny Slim started producing music with the up and coming rapper Cyde Wayz. In the 2000’s Johnny Slim continues to bring his fans some of the Bay area’s best Underground music! Johnny Slims “Game Over Hate Productions” has also worked with Bay area Artists DB Da General, DJ Upgrade and Philip Hennen.

Recently Johnny Slim has returned back to his musical roots by working with old school group members such as “Chili-Bo”, and things are finally moving forward with great expectations! Staying true to the Underground music movement, Johnny Slim has appeared on Volumes 2, 3, 4 and 5 of “The Creepshow Compilation Mixtape” series. Slim is also featured on the “Turf Boy Radio Show 187.9 FM” mixtape series (episodes 1 & 2), and the “Turf Boy Radio Xclusives!” mixtape series. Johnny Slims music can be found on iTunes, Cd Baby, Amazon Mp3, Soundclick, Indie Music, Soundcloud and at many more online music retailers. Stay on the lookout for Johnny Slim! Because he’s ready to produce and will continue to keep it “Game Over Hate!”  ~GMZ

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