You Gotta Want It (Video Originally Posted To YouTube 07-01-2021)

Whenever I get time to Motivate someone who may be in need of Encouragement, I try my best to do just that! Many times in our journeys to be successful Entrepreneurs, Independent Artists and Business Owners we find that it's often much harder than we ever imagined! Family and Friends often fail to see "The Vision" that you have deep in your Inner Being and that in itself can be very frustrating and depressing. So, one day I decided to create a Motivational video playlist by the name of "Motivated By Bo" on my YouTube Channel @ Chili-Bo Official TV to help encourage, motivate and give that extra little push to keep you going!

I am by no means a professional Motivational speaker. I'm an Independent Music Artist, Business Owner and Creative Minded person that understands what it feels like to see things a little different than the traditional "9 to 5" lifestyle that is expected of most of us in society. I guess I would fall under the "Dreamer" category. Don't get me wrong, I have and will work a traditional job to keep food on the table, but that's not my passion by any means! We can Achieve and do Big Things if we Believe and Support those who have similar ambitions and goals. Never give up on your Dreams. You can Achieve if you work hard and Believe! I Hope you enjoy the video and Much Success in your endeavors. #blogsbybo #chilibotherapper #musicblog #hiphopculture

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