Originality In Rap Music...Where Art Thou? (Originally Posted In The GMZ Blog 12-14-10)

I miss the "Golden Era" of Rap & Hip-Hop music! The excitement, The culture, The Hits! I remember when you could hear a Rap song and know exactly who the Artist or group was by their style and originality! Crews such as N.W.A, Boogie Down Productions, The Geto Boys & EPMD (just to name a few!) held the Genre down with trademark styles and Groundbreaking hits! I must admit, there are still some hard hitters in the game today, but most often they are duplicated by the masses in the industry trying to make a name for self by sounding like the "Hottest" Artist of the day, you know the one's..."The Clones!" I believe the music will eventually take a turn in the right direction (some day!), and I do understand that nowadays the best Rap & Hip-Hop music is in heavy rotation via "The depths of The Underground", but will the Major labels and mainstream media ever embrace and support "Underground" style Rap & Hip-Hop music again? If not... Oh well! We will have to Build Our own Rap & Hip-Hop Nation!, One comprised of "Artists supporting Artists" and Independantly owned & operated "Hit Making" Record labels! There is alot of great music being created, but it's not being supported and played on most mainstream Radio stations. When talented Artist can't get their music heard or promoted by the powers that be, they start creating music that sounds similar to what IS being played, therefore creating "A Nation Of Clones!!!" (Uugghhh!). Let's bring the Artform back to it's level of Excitement & Originality like that of it's "Golden Era". Let's face it, a major label record deal nowadays is like winning a Million dollar lottery ticket!, most likely..."Ain't gonna happen!" So let's not destroy Rap & Hip-Hop with a billion duplications of "The Last Radio Hit", but rather dig deep into the depths of "Creativity" and bring back the "Real Rap & Hip-Hop!"...The kind of Rap & Hip-Hop that supported it's culture and movements way before the Exploitative major record labels & media came in and dictated what the sound of the Genre should be! Originality in Rap & Hip-Hop?...Were patiently waiting for your Triumphant return! #blogsbybo #chilibotherapper #musicblog #hiphopculture


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