Artist On Da' Grind - NTG "Philly Stand Up!" (Originally Posted In The GMZ Blog 07-31-2012)

Welcome to The First Installment Ever of "AODG!" Featuring Philadephia, PA. Femcee "NTG". While many other talented Artists were in consideration for the very first installment of "Artist On Da' Grind", "The City Of Brotherly Love" took the First prize hands down with it's Emcee Phenom "NTG" a.k.a Ntg Natalie! NTG along with her "Spitta Gang" crew, consisting of Phillys very own "Yung Draw" brings a new excitement to a sometimes dull music scene! NTG continues to carry the microphone torch for female rap talent Worldwide with Unique flows & Dignity!, while representing and showing Homage to the many "Femcees" that rocked the mic before her such as; "Queen Latifah", "MC Lyte", "Eve"...etc. NTG is a Female Rap Artist strictly about "Skills" and not the Degradation of Female Rap where many Female Artist feel they must rely on "Sexual Appeal" rather than "Microphone Skills!". One of NTG's favorite slogans to young girls is "If you work hard enough for a Goal, You can achieve it without selling your sex or your soul!". NTG has made it no secret that she breathes Hip-Hop and loves the music that was created during the "Golden Era" of Rap music in the 1990's. NTG has been making a name for herself in the Underground Rap scene with a long list of Collaborations and Mixtapes that stretch from Philly to anywhere Rap music is heard! DRIVEN! That's the best word to describe female rapper NTG. Now when I say "Female Rapper or Femcee"...don't get it twisted! NTG is a Dope "Emcee" first and foremost!, with the microphone rocking skills to stand tall in any Rap Cypher! NTG's Underground Smash Hit single "Chevy Rydyn" featuring "Spitta Gang" comrad and companion "Yung Draw" has over 11k hits on YouTube and is still going strong!, and her recent Mixtape "The Boyz Only Club" Hosted by "Dj Jazz" has over 2.4k downloads on Street Cred? Absolutely! In a Industry predominantly dominated by male artists, NTG has managed to stand side by side with some of the Undergrounds Biggest and Most Respected Rappers,Dj's and Mixtape movements in the Game! NTG has performed Collabs with Artists such as; West Coast Rap Veteran "Chili-Bo" (The Dopest Emcee), South Central L.A's (Penthouse Playaz Clique) "Tweed Cadillac" (Why You Wanna), "Donzetti" (Paradise Where Dem Ganstas Play), "Lil Rockers" (Digital) and a host of others! 

NTG's Musical Credentials Includes: 
Coast 2 Coast Industry Mixer (Philly Edition) 2012 
Bat Cave/AiritoutRadio R U Villa Tour 2012 
The Grind 50 Mcees 
The Music and Comedy Explosion (The Millcreek 4200 Chester Ave) 
Urban Xpressions Television 
Six(6) Mixtape Features: The to 50 Indie Artist hosted by DJ Cannon Baynon and Frdiay Nite Friday hosted by BuckbanditReno Radio Station) Philly Musicman Presents: Back to the Basics Real Hip Hop Vol 3 Hosted by Izzie Fareal 
Dj Femmie Present: Hood Chicks Brick Hard Vol 1 Hosted by Deejay Stash Money Collaborator's Handbook 
Philly Idol: Top 10 finalist 
Radio Rotations: Rob Gradio (and partner stations),; The Creating Buzz Show; and 
And Many More Projects In The Making! #blogsbybo #chilibotherapper #musicblog #hiphopculture


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