Teena Marie - Gone But Not Forgotten! (Originally Posted In The GMZ Blog 12-31-2010)

Recently the music world lost a true Funk and R&B Legend by the name of Teena Marie a.k.a "Lady T". Now I'm sure some are wondering why I have taken the time to pay tribute to Lady T?...well to put it simple...she was a legend in the Funk and R&B World! 
Probably best known for her duets with the legendary Punk-Funkster "Rick James", Teena Marie became an household name in the African-American community in the early 1980's. I can still recall the first time I heard her Smash Hit single "Square Biz" pounding from the speakers of my Panasonic "Ghetto Blaster" being played on the now "Legendary" Southern California radio station 1580 am KDAY!, Wow! I had never heard such a Funky Soulful sound from a female artist before! (at that time Funk lovers without thought assumed that the person rappin' about "cornbread & collard greens" was without a doubt of African-American descent!, but wait!...did I hear her say "they call me vanilla child?" Hmmm...she must be light in skin tone...so we assumed. lol) Plus the added Rap verse was actually pretty dope! especially for that time frame in Hip-Hop history! Eventually Lady T would go on to make countless hits such as; "I Need Your Lovin", "Behind The Groove", "Deja Vu", I'm A Sucker For Your Love", "I'm Still In Love", and "You Baby" Just to name a few!!! 
I had the pleasure of enjoying a live concert performance by Teena Marie a few years ago in Stockton California with some good friends, simply put...Lady T turned the motha out!!! (lol) A Grand performance indeed! The reason I love to call her a "True Funk and R&B legend" is because, unlike so many artist in the music industry today, "Lady T" could give the concert goer a great live performance! The mark of a true Entertainer!, and not only did she possess a beautiful voice...she was also a true musician! (guitar,congas,keyboard,piano...etc). I was anxiously looking forward to her upcoming Bay Area concert, but now that's a wish that will not be granted due to the news of her untimely demise. Thank God for records,tapes & cd's! Teena Marie's musical spirit will always live in our hearts with her Soulful Funk catalog of hits! Yes, she's gone home now, but as long as there are funk and r&b lovers worldwide..."Lady T" will never be forgotten! Thanks for the great music and memories! Rest In Peace! "The Original Vanilla Child". #blogsbybo #chilibotherapper #musicblog #teenamarie


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